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The master bedroom design does not feel complete unless it includes some decorative elements that finalize the whole picture. It can be in the form of architectural mirrors, art pieces, trendy patterned items, etc. – all of them create a proper atmosphere of the place. Therefore, today we will be reviewing some of the best bedroom decor ideas that will inspire and provoke you.


Bedroom decor ideas: art pieces

bedroom decor ideas

For art admirers, the idea of adding art pieces will be perfect. Open up your imagination and create! Your inner art lover can find its manifestation in paintings, photographs, some architectural modern mirror ideas, or just abstract design objects, either bought or made by you.


Bedroom decor ideas: industrial mood

Go with the flow of trends – industrial and rough contemporary design is at the rise nowadays. There is a huge variety of ways to apply it, from shabby brick or concrete walls to rugged lamps or furniture pieces.


Bedroom garden

Let in some nature into your bedroom interior through a small garden of yours. It can become your peaceful haven at the end of the hard working day. Vases with flowers, hanging pots, grand exotic trees, or small minimalistic plants – there are many equally wonderful options to consider for your bedroom decoration.


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Bedroom decor ideas: straw + Bali mood

If you cannot travel to Bali yet or simply miss its vibes, create your own Bali bedroom. It can be done with boho styled decor, such as straw or bamboo lamps and furniture pieces, knitted accessories, and calm beige colored items.


Patterned decor pieces

Fashion trends have moved to interior design as well. What is trendy and popular in fashion, can also work well in your bedroom project. For instance, geometric patterns are not only applicable to clothes. Patterned bedroom decor ideas can become a nice option, too. Match two pieces with the same pattern in order to add some consistency.


Bedroom decor ideas: chic style

Completely opposite in color and mood, these two examples actually have something in common: chic and luxury decor by exclusive furniture brands. Golden details, stylish wall mirror ideas, elegant and sinuous lines all together convey a sophisticated feeling that might be just what you have been looking for.


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