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Discover the best Statement Mirrors for your Master Bedroom

Mirrors are perhaps the oldest optical element utilized by humans to harness the power of light. It is also claimed that eyes are the mirror to one’s soul. Consequently, having the most suitable one in your bedroom, one of the most important rooms of the house, is more than a crucial call. Though, the bedroom decorating ideas vary, this list is going to surprise you.

Boca do Lobo – Newton

This exclusive piece, composed by metallic spheres and semi spheres joined together, is definitely a piece that stands out from all the rest by its futuristic forms. Given its out of the ordinary design, Newton can give a special tone to any room.

Boca do Lobo – Glance

What seems confused and cluttered can, in a glance, acquire a new meaning, capable of inspiring and becharming us. Glance tells us that story, the crossroads of life, and the reason among the chaos.

Christopher Guy – Facets

Fifty-seven individual polished-edged pieces of varying sizes form this remarkable circular contemporary piece that will charm everyone with its sensitive and elegant design.

Boca do Lobo – Angra

This exceptional creation offers a tribute to the historical city of “Angra do Heroismo” in Azores, Portugal and it can definitely belong among the best ideas when it comes to a call for an exclusively unique choice.

Hudson Furniture – Hollywood Convex

This unique creation is like a luxury jewel for your master bedroom. The combination of the shining glass with the walnut wood creates a balance and provides prestige to the room.

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Boca do Lobo – Convex Metamorphosis

Last but not least, The Convex Metamorphosis Mirror with its offbeat design that attracts the attention and the interest immediately. This masterpiece of bedroom interior design represents a living tribute to the beauty of an uncompromised mindset, breaking creative boundaries and taking Boca do Lobo to unknown territories never explored before.

Christopher Guy – Pirouette

The designers of Christopher Guy definitely know how to create fabulous contemporary wall pieces and this particular one, with its beautiful carved surrounds, represents perfectly the high level of interior decoration.

Christopher Guy – Prism

A twist of geometric shaped pieces forms this extraordinary unbeveled frame, which could not be absent from a list with room décor ideas, as it can easily be described as an exquisite piece of art that should not be missing from your home.

Hudson Furniture – Meteor

One of the top pieces of Hudson Furniture, Meteor is designed to add a sense of mystery to your master bedroom with its unique technique and luxurious style and undoubtedly, its designers put all their the art and passion possible.

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Hudson Furniture – The Wave

A classic piece with an extraordinary charm, the Wave is of the top bedroom ideas, capable to satisfy every taste, as it stands out with its prestige and class. Possessing a piece like this particular one is definitely a decision nobody would ever regret.

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