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Discover Inspiring Bedroom Mirror Designs

Bedroom design is not only about choosing the right bed and nightstand. It also encompasses all types of accessories and decor needed to build integral pleasant ambiance. One of such aspects that can become a finishing touch to your interior is a mirror. Bedroom mirror indeed has some magic and mystery behind it as it can visually enlarge the space and transform it into a luxury place. Therefore, we have prepared some mirror ideas for you to refresh your master bedroom.


Vanity table mirror

As a contemporary furniture piece, this vanity mirror will transform every master bedroom design into a modern and stylish concept. The thin frame that lights up also adds a practical aspect to the item.


Bedroom mirror by La Chance

This floor mirror by a furniture brand La Chance proudly stands like a statue. Its massive marble pedestal shape contrasts well with a thin metal frame to eventually present an interesting piece.


Bedroom mirror set by Black Tie

Refined materials merged together to be presented in this sophisticated set of three mirrors. Thanks to its colors and tones that are bright and interesting yet remain neutral, the mirrors can be easily matched with other furniture items. This is clearly a decor masterpiece and should be added to your home decor ideas!


Bedroom mirror by Barel

If you are looking for something minimalistic, with rather simple modern design, this floor mirror will be an ideal option. Its eye-catching curved legs that hold the oval frame have a vintage vibe in them, which will add a charming feeling to any bedroom interior, either classic or contemporary one.


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Exclusive Mirrors For Your Home Decor 


Golden floor mirror

A refined rectangular mirror with an aluminum structure and gold-colored finish will beautify your bedroom with a touch of elegance and style.


Floor mirror by Mathieu Lehanneur

What a striking piece! This bedroom mirror has a creative irregular shape – an aspect that promptly captures attention. The item does not have any irrelevant details, giving a chance to observe what really matters – its interesting form and design.


Bedroom mirror by Boca do Lobo

bedroom mirror

You do not need paintings to impress your guests if you have this exquisite mirror by Boca do Lobo. Everyone will want to observe its unique details for a long time. Combine this piece of art with the luxury bedroom furniture to get a complete feeling of an exclusive interior.


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