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Discover Our 100 Must See Master Bedroom Ideas Ebook

At Boca do Lobo we’ve created an ebook to help inspire you on your next interior design project, it’s titled 100 Must-See Master Bedroom Ideas and it comprises some of the most trendy concepts for luxury bedroom design.

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Today we’ll take a closer look to some of the 100 inspirations on this free ebook. Without further ado, let’s start.

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The Crochet Nightstand merges a traditional knitting technique, with the best of Portuguese luxury furniture design. Inspired by the artisan method popular in Europe during the 19th century, the Crochet Nightstand is rich in texture and has a timeless classic design influence.

master bedroom ideas

Deriving from a cross-design experiment between two of Boca do Lobo’s most iconic families, the Trinity and Mondrian, the York Nightstand blends the best elements of both pieces together to create a luxurious nightstand that exhales gentleness, sensitivity, and class.

master bedroom

From the legend born in the depths of Sherwood Forest, ROBIN Mirror embodies the strength and character of noble ages, giving them a modern approach. By honoring the history of one of the best archers in English literature, this exquisite piece was given a strong visual texture through the use of handmade nails, each one unique in their finishing, size and character.

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The Ola nightstand by Riflessi belongs to the brand’s Ola collection and is composed by bedroom furniture with undulated sides and doors. Available matt or shiny white lacquered.

This round metallic nightstand stands out for its different shape and the unique detail on the drawers.

To all of you card lovers, this is the contemporary nightstand you were looking for. Different from everything you’ve seen, this is the most outlandish piece featured on our Ebook.

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Designed by Studio Kairo and manufactured by B&B Italia, the Dado Nightstand represents simplicity at its best.

Palea is a collection of bedside tables and back finished storage units that integrate the Palea series wardrobes. They are available in matt lacquer and the front drawers also in polished polyester. The top finishing is retro-varnished glass. Particularly prized is the geometric base relief connecting one recessed handle with another with solid.

Beautiful design together with the lighting makes this a special place to store your belongings.

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