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Elegant Bedroom Furniture and Décor Pieces by Hayon Studio

Hayon Studio is a furniture and interior design studio that was founded by a Spanish artist and designer Jaime Hayon in 2001. He always manages to blur the lines between decor and art, offering real masterpieces for the world of modern design. Today we would like to review his bedroom furniture and decor items in order to find some inspiration for your own bedroom interior


Bedroom furniture: armchairs

bedroom furniture

The idea of creating a chair with typical Scandinavian style elaborated into a comfortable, expressive, and contemporary furniture piece – JH97 Lounge Chair. Its solid frame made of natural oak and extended armrests will convey a strong character to the whole interior.

With two different variations, Vuelta chair has unique proportions, allowing for the maximum relax.  The elegance and light sophistication of this bedroom furniture object are transmitted through soft upholstery and grand sizes.

In order to become a perfect bedroom décor item, an armchair should be both exquisite and modern. This Fri armchair is a great example of such. Not only does it have a refined appearance, but it also provides a truly comfortable and cozy feeling. It will become a safe shelter and haven after a hard working day.


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Bedroom furniture: bed

If you want to have really sweet dreams, consider a bed with wings like this one. The wings seem to be welcoming you to a warm embrace. Feeling like a king or queen in the bed will never be extra, right?


Bedroom lighting

With sensuality and some mystery in it, this table lamp just feels perfect. Its curved lines and bright surface intrigue and promptly make you fall in love with the item.

Setago lamp is an ideal piece for your home décor ideas – it is stylish and bold yet not too complex or sophisticated. Moreover, by having an electrical cord, this lamp can be easily moved to any place of your home or even outside, although we would recommend keeping it as a bedroom furniture item.

With interesting and unusual shapes, the Lightolight lamps provide indirect lighting and thus, will create a pleasant ambiance in any setting. Combine it with other your contemporary bedroom furniture objects to ensure a perfectly modern interior.


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