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Elegant Bedroom Interior Designs in Celebrities’ Homes

Sometimes we imagine how famous people live and what their houses are. Let’s actually see today what the celebrity homes look like! We will have a peek at some of the celebrities’ bedroom interior designs in order to get inspired for new solutions for our places as well.


Emily Blunt’s bedroom interior

Hollywood’s Mary Poppins Emily Blunt has an elegant and graceful master bedroom design. It is executed in light calm colors like beige and grey, which create an atmosphere of a safe haven. Such feeling is also strengthened through soft textured bedroom furniture.


Matt Damon’s bedroom design

Matt Damon has recently bought a mega penthouse in Brooklyn. It is believed to be the most expensive real estate there. One of this building’s apartment has a minimalistic and simple interior with contemporary furniture.


Natalie Portman’s bedroom interior

This bedroom of Natalie Portman is perfect for a vacation home. With a garden outside, the ocean view, and soaking tub in the room, all you want to do is stay there as long as possible.


Zayn Malik’s bedroom design

bedroom interior

Luxury furnituremodern design, and a masculine style that is promptly felt here are all characteristics of Zayn Malik’s bachelor pad in Manhattan.


Leonardo Dicaprio’s bedroom

The Los Angeles mansion has grand sizes but is rather minimalistic in terms of design. However, it does not make the place less sophisticated or elegant. The small details are what matters the most, and this house can definitely boast of its exquisite elements.


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Cindy Crawford’s bedroom interior

We love the laid-back and relaxed ambiance of this bedroom interior! Look how thoughtfully the home decor items were chosen. All of them intensify the comfort of the room, which is of high importance.


Johnny Depp’s bedroom design

When you are Johnny Depp, you have five penthouses instead of one, just because you can. For one of his bedrooms, the industrial style is combined with slight elegance, providing quite an interesting result: brick walls, contemporary art, and “raw ceilings” are contrasted by soft furniture and amazing city view.


Al Capone’s bedroom

Not really a celebrity but a well-known person Al Capone once lived in this Miami beach mansion. We would never think his bedroom interior was a bright bubble of light and grace.


Justin Timberlake’s bedroom interior

We are totally in love with the colors and modern design of Justin Timberlake’s former Soho penthouse! Too bad he has sold it.


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