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Elegant Bedroom Interior Designs by Richard Mishaan

Richard Mishaan is a talented interior designer and author of two books, “Modern Luxury” and “Artfully Modern”. His knowledge of architecture, fashion, and interior design allowed him to extensively show the beauty of luxury in every project, being it a bedroom interiorliving room design, or any other aspect.

His projects spark with delicacy and richness. Richard is artfully combining and mixing textures, patterns, and styles. From golden details to modern bright accents – everything he creates will inspire you in some way.

Today we would like to focus on elegant bedrooms by Richard Mishaan. Maybe, you will even be able to derive some fresh ideas for your own master bedroom design.


Blue bedroom interior

bedroom interior

Blue is a color of grace and freedom. When applied to the bedroom design, it adds that desired calmness and peace. It is a perfect option, isn’t it? Wooden furniture pieces, such as bedside table, will contrast the blue with their strong character and masculine look.


Mix colors, patterns, and materials

Different patterns, materials, colors – such interior might at first seem too overloaded. However, when you observe it closely, you will notice the masterful way in which the designer managed to combine everything. Moreover, we would definitely recommend considering this modern nightstand for your bedroom furniture ideas. It both has a contemporary design and that elegant and luxurious feeling that can be traced in all Richard’s works.


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Bedroom interior for book lovers

If you are a book lover, you will definitely like this master bedroom design. There will be enough place for all your favorite books and many new ones. Additionally, the furniture pieces convey elegance and simplicity – a perfect way to create comfort.


Elegant bedroom interior

Make your bed a centerpiece in the bedroom. It is the most important item there anyway. This one, for example, just stole our heart with its beauty and exquisiteness!


Bedroom interior with trendy stripes

Stripes have been in trends for a long time so why not add them to your room interior? To smoothly incorporate this trend, choose a black and white style. However, if you are ready for bold moves, go for colorful stripes.


Red accents in bedroom interior

Red accents are a great idea when you need to dilute an otherwise light and calm interior.


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