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Elegant Bedroom Rug Ideas for Your Master Bedroom Design

One of the greatest ways to decorate your bedroom interior is through a contemporary rug. Not only does it beautify the whole room, but it can also play the role of an independent piece that captures attention and amazes. Let’s review some of the best bedroom rug designs offered by well-known furniture brands.


Bedroom rug designs by Baxter

Baxter is an Italian furniture brand that specializes in leather items. However, it is also worth looking at their bedroom carpet designs. They are completely hand-knotted, with geometric prints and interesting lines. The rugs’ neutral tones make it easy to match them with any other objects and fit into any interior.


Bedroom rug ideas by Boca do Lobo

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Boca do Lobo, the Portuguese luxury furniture brand, will elevate your master bedroom design to the next level with its collection of rugs. The authentic art pieces will bring life to your place. They will be perfect for the most daring interior environments as each of them tells a specific story. For instance, the grey Sistine rug reinterprets the aesthetic of Michelangelo, as a tribute to his works.


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Bedroom rug by Rug’Society

Another Portuguese brand, this time of coverings, that is well worth of your attention is Rug’Society. They always manage to transform carpets into masterpieces of modern design. Exceptional details, uncommon patterns, expansion of the limits, uniqueness, and exclusiveness are all characteristics of the brand’s creations. You will definitely be able to choose a bedroom rug that would suit your taste.


Bedroom rug designs by Moooi

In 2015 Marcel Wanders designed a series of carpets for his brand Moooi. Since then, the rugs have become extremely popular thanks to their variety of colors and prints, as well as their elegance and slight sophistication. If you need the decor with some hints of luxury yet with contemporary design, these rugs would be the ones to opt for.


Bedroom rug designs by Beni Rugs

Beni Rugs is the exclusive producer from Morocco that strives to close the gap between the ancient tradition of rug making and modern design. Usually driving inspiration from the abstract art, the brand’s rugs will become a wonderful addition and a great finishing touch to your bedroom.


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