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Elegant Master Bedroom Design by Koket

Ultra modern master beds with seductive lines. This is how we can define beds designed by Koket: they are innovative and push the limits of master bedroom design. These are the beds you wanna sleep in. Laying your head in this beds is an amazing feeling. Elegant master bedroom design is the right and natural place to rest at night and live at the morning day.

Looking for the perfect bed to set beautiful master bedrooms? Black and pastel schemes are always a great choice to create modern bedroom interiors without forgetting the good taste and personal style.

1. Forbidden Bed by Koket

Elegant master bedroom design by Koket

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Elegant master bedroom design by Koket

With the Forbidden master bed, the sensuous union of the lips and body bring out emotions which lead to enticement and temptation just like a magnificent moment that never ends. Hand carved fully upholstered headboard and bed base delicately accented with gold leaf. Glamour is the middle name of this seductive bed design.

2. Kelly Bed by Koket

The lux and bodacious Kelly Bed is the cool girl sipping Cosmos in the dark corner of a chic NYC lounge. Her fluid curves are harmoniously matched by sumptuously pleated waves of supple velvet upholstery fabric. You’ll be dying to get up close and personal with her fully upholstered body.

3. Sevilliana Bed by Koket

Elegant master bedroom design by Koket

Inspired by wild, passionate nights of the Spanish dance, the Sevillian master bed design embodies the graceful curves and attire of Sevillana dancing girls. Become entranced by the movement of modern lines drawing your eye down to the flirtatious fringe that skirts the base.

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4. Caprichosa Bed by Koket

Elegant master bedroom design by Koket

Flirty and unpredictable like a modern woman, the Caprichosa’s voluptuous master bed design mimics a woman’s most desirable curves. Fitted with a little black dress in lux velvet upholstery fabric, a striking polished brass band hugs the base of her curvaceous body.

Elegant master beds designed by Koket are a song for every ruff night of stressful day. What do you think about this master bed ideas? Tell us…

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