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10 Fabric Ideas For Modern Upholstered Beds

An upholstered bed is something beautiful to watch, the curves, the textures, the textiles, everything makes for them to be a luxuriant addition to any master bedroom. Today at Master Bedroom ideas we’ll go through some of the inspiration behind these sumptuous headboards, discovering some of the trendiest fabrics there are for bedroom decor with 10 Fabric Ideas For Modern Upholstered Beds

This gorgeous upholstered bed makes use of Australian wool for a glamorous, sumptuous headboard. The earthy tones blend with a pinch of orange and a beautiful suspension lamp finishes the look.

A sumptuous faux-leather headboard on this gorgeous upholstered bed. The worn effect looks charming with the worn back wall.

A charming orange headboard using faux-leather. A flawless execution of this textile.

Fine chambray linens in black and white for an absolutely stunning master bedroom look. A thin nightstand blends with a modern mid-century table lamp and a touch of blue on the blanket elevates this look.

On this upholstered bed, we can see the contrast between faux and real leather. Here the real leather provides texture, color, and a warm feeling.

A beautiful pair of upholstered beds with green velvet, a fresh and absolutely delightful look, making for a high-end bedroom without any forced feeling.

A modern bed with a charming design and linen headboard for a contemporary look with the pair of mid-century modern wall lamps and gorgeous armoire.

A gorgeous headboard tufted in wool for a cozy, charming bedroom feel with the cream and neutral tones dominating.

upholstered bedLet’s end our fabric tour with a charming platinum velvet headboard that blends with the neutral pink tones for this gorgeous master bedroom look.

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