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Floor Mirrors: the Essential of Master Bedroom Interiors

Floor Mirrors: the Essential of Master Bedroom Interiors

Floor Mirrors are the perfect luxury bedroom furniture pieces for eclectic and creative master bedroom décors. Mirrors have a variety of functions in the modern home set, such as opening up space, generally enhancing the decor and reflecting light. But floor mirrors for the bedroom have one more use: with one of this mirrors, you create a small and functional dressing area at your master bedroom.


Floor mirrors are large mirrors and have the capacity of creating the illusion of depth. So big is more! The master bedroom interior is the place where you must have a floor mirror and there are so many styles, sizes and shapes that you will find the perfect piece for your bedroom design.

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Floor Mirrors: the Essential of Master Bedroom Interiors

A huge floor mirror has the strength of creating cozy and romantic bedroom. The can be big allies of the luxury master bedroom for intimacy. How? By giving some magic to the set. This master bedroom decor by koket shows how important floor mirrors are in the modern master bedroom.

Like a jewel that reflects eternal beauty when it is contemplated, Ring mirror by Boca do Lobo is the mirror of the soul, which aspires to the sublime. Exploring the main function of a mirror, the richness of Ring lies within its reflection. Ring evokes an antique unreachable treasure that could only be found in the most remote place on Earth. Ring contains a mirror frame in black lacquered high gloss, with a minimalist line on the outside and another carved handmade on the inside. A precious piece of art with its interior made of refined carved wood as exquisite as its owner. Ideal for a unique and exclusive home, Ring will reflect elegance once it’s in your living room or your master bedroom.

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Boca do Lobos passion for re-interpreting the past through modern design illustrations and material finishes have led to the creation of several iconic pieces influenced by important historical figures and landmarks. Married to Marie Antoinette, Louis XVI was the last reigning French monarch. Influenced by the Rococo style, the Louis XVI mirror features a large frame characterised by beautiful hand carved lines and traditional traits, and with similar design elements as its Marie Antoinette counterpart.

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With a floor mirror, it looks like the floor extends beyond the wall and gives the illusion of extra floor space. Sophistication and elegance are the main characteristics of master bedroom décors with floor mirrors.

There is an important detail that it can’t forget: if there is a lot going on in the master bedroom, floor mirrors are not necessary. So, it’s crucial finding the balance of luxury bedroom furniture,

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