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10 French Style Master Bedrooms

Article originally published on June 14, 2017.
French style interior design has emerged from the beautiful Mediterranean villages of the south of France to become one of the most popular interior design styles. Based on the old decor of palaces and the sumptuousness of exceptionally crafted antiquities, this style can be seen as dated and nouveau rich but nevertheless, its visual impact is huge, as you look into all the details and textiles and beautiful pieces. Let’s dive into 10 French Style Master Bedrooms. 

This bedroom epitomizes the classic French way of decor, with a sumptuous sofa, sided by two beautiful armchairs and a golden finish on the walls, and a beautifully serene painting.

Elegant pink bedroom design in French Style that breaks the monochromatic monotony with golden details and a beautiful golden chandelier.

Opulent master bedroom filled with antiques and beautiful pieces that transpose an aura of luxury and detail to this French style interior design.

Sumptuous French style master bedroom with a gorgeous black chandelier that, with a black sideboard, provides all the contrast. Each piece is luxurious and works together to elevate this bedroom design.

Beautiful French Style Bedroom with its own fireplace.

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Stunning French style bedroom by Jean Luis Deniot with a masterful chandelier and a pair of portraits that give it a refined feel.

Stunning frontal view of an opulent bedroom design. You can feel the luxury when you look at this magnificent interior that features creamy tones, an opulent chandelier, and beautiful flooring details.

A beautiful toned down french style bedroom where the golden details of the room are enhanced by the overall simplicity.

french style bedroom
There’s a lot going on here, from the Chesterfield style headboard to the over-the-top golden chandelier, you have to sit back and appreciate the room all by itself.

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