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Furniture Online: Discover The Best Stores

Today, Master Bedroom Ideas will talk about the new trend of buying Furniture Online.

Online shopping has completely revolutionised the retail business and provided internet users around the world. With a quick and easy access to numerous products and brands that once may have been difficult to get hold of.

This is especially true in key market segments such as luxury, as well as for specific types of products, as is the case of furniture, and many decor objects. For any professional or avid shopper looking for decor pieces, finding the furniture online is crucial to ensure a high-quality purchase.

Recently, a hand-full of platforms and corporations have made an impact in the way end users, as well as professionals in the interior design and architecture industry, browse and purchase their pieces. With inspirational content and product oriented information constantly making its way to devices all over the world, e-commerce platforms and brands alike face an increasingly challenging job to capture users’ attention.

In the world of furniture stores, a few platforms really stand out as being useful for finding pieces, both for the average shopper, or the interior designer/architect specifying for a project. In this article, we share our selection of the best online furniture stores. These are platforms and websites worth visiting when shopping for furniture and decor specific products

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First on the list to shop furniture online is the Italian company Archiproducts.  This platform has a wealth of products and solutions for the interior designer/ architect and end user alike. Browse through 11 categories of products that range from furniture to lifestyle accessories, and find references in the world of construction and design all listed on one platform, with a wealth of inspirational and technical information available at the distance of a few clicks.

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There are 2 features that distinguish ARCHIPRODUCTS as one of the leading platforms of furniture online in the interior design and architecture industries and a reference on the list of best online furniture shops. Firstly, their website has a vast amount of stimulating imagery and articles which is updated every day, especially useful for end-users keeping up with design trends, as well as professionals in need of ideas and refreshing content. Secondly, ARCHIPRODUCTS provide registered users with a wealth of BIM (building the integrated model) and CAD models from many of the brands they work with.



Online auction heavyweight 1stDibs are known for being the reference website for finding some of the world’s most unique furniture online, furniture pieces, and jewellery. Initially restricted to galleries looking for an online directory to exhibit their pieces, 1stDibs became a hit among the vintage and collectable design piece aficionados. Currently, 1stDibs include an even larger group of sellers, and product categories, artwork, jewellery and watches, fashion, and finally furniture.

Targeting those with a certain understanding of the collectors market and gallery shopping, 1stDibs offer registered users the ability to make an offer for a specific product. Moreover, their platform does a remarkable job of recommending products according to users browsing and purchase behaviour – a feature that comes in amazingly handy for both end users and professionals.

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Lastly, their directory of inspirational content is not only highly intuitive and very well organised, it is also incredibly well matched with products and styles they have on offer. A truly well-conceived blend between inspirational and commercial content, these articles are sure to keep keen readers glued to the screen for a long time. It’s no wonder their motto is “The most beautiful things on earth”, and a must on the list of best online furniture shops.


The Longest Stay

The Longest Stay is a reference in the game of best furniture online shops for anyone searching for the best in designer furniture and home accessories. Their mission is to “furnish the home you never want to leave”, and the platform features a very carefully curated selection of furniture and decor pieces from world-renown designers.  The Longest Stay’s specialised team provide visitors with invaluable support, including via chat, to help find the best solution for their needs, and also have the capacity to accommodate serious interior design projects.home decor, interior design, luxury design, furniture stores, room design, master bedroom ideas, furniture online

The Longest Stay distinguish themselves from most platforms as only exhibit a strict selection of brands that fulfil demanding standards, a special trait even among the best online furniture shops. Moreover, their comprehensive style guide, as well as their gifts selection, which are sure to satisfy the most demanding of design lovers are obligatory stops for the keen visitor.



From the incredibly popular Maison et Objet trade-show, MOM (Maison et Objet and More) was created to serve the needs of an increasingly competitive online marketplace. While dominating the physical exhibition space with a long list of trade-shows every year, M&O extend their offering with online slots for their exhibitors.

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For visitors of the Parisian sourcing fair, this is the platform and one of the best online furniture shops to continue exploring the extensive directory of products and brands for all interior design needs. Suited for both end-consumers and professionals, the platform has a wide offering of both furniture as well as home decor objects, including fragrances, textiles and tableware.



London based platform TRENIQ have made quite the impact in the UK market. Positioned as professional social network and furniture online shop for interior design professionals, TRENIQ’s mission is to enable users to connect, stay updated and inspired, discover new business opportunities, and very importantly, to increase profitability – a distinguished mission among the best online furniture shops.

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On their platform, users can find numerous products from all the essential categories, and within a varied price range. Their product page also includes a useful filter, which allows users to browse for products according to lead-time (an important variable in most purchases within the industry).



It is an online platform, with a very strong tool-type interface, based in the UK. Built specifically for professionals, on both the buy and sell side of the business, Eporta position themselves as an integrated solution for project specification, quoting and managing product orders.  These key features are coupled with a strong messaging section, where users can get in touch with companies and suppliers directly from the platform, enhancing the experience of managing relationships and purchases. For professionals serious about sourcing, this is one of best furniture online shops to consider working with.

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Eporta also include a Journal section, where articles on industry Insights, interviews, and news are shared regularly. For anyone seeking to play the interior design or home decor game, this section is a must visit to learn about design trends, successful businesses and project case studies.



Labelled as “the online architecture and design exhibition” is part of the VIRTUALEXPO group, home to many other platforms for the medical, aeronautic and agricultural industries. With a simple yet intuitive layout, ARCHIEXPO offer products from dozens of thousands of suppliers, for absolutely every specific need in an architectural or interior design project, undeniably making them one of the best furniture online shops. Some of these niche product categories include IoT (internet of things) style home decor controllers, spa equipment as well as luxury safes.

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This Swiss platform is one the key players in this line of home decor business. Their website header boasts their value proposition, where users can “find the very best in products, brands, retailers, expertise and inspiration for architecture and design”. Targeted mainly toward a professional audience, ARCHITONIC includes a vast portfolio of brands and products that cover an entire architecture project – from building materials (for all needs such as acoustics, electric hardware or fireplaces), to kitchen and bathroom equipment, as well as interior fabrics.

home decor, interior design, luxury design, furniture stores, room design, master bedroom ideas, furniture online

On top of the extensive list of solutions and products of interior design, ARCHITONIC maintains and update what can be considered a reference directory of companies within the industry, especially to find specific contacts to do business with, such as manufacturers, architects, photographers and even awards companies. This wealth of solutions and contacts truly distinguishes ARCHITONIC as one of best furniture online shops.

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