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Get inspired by Minimal Bedroom Designs

Article originally published on April 12, 2017.
As the following to the old “less is more” mantra continues to grow, minimalism is now more popular and trendy than it’s ever been, so we at Master Bedroom Ideas have selected some of the best examples of minimal bedroom designs to inspire you to achieve perfection in minimalist home decor.

minimal bedroom design inspiration
Japanese inspired minimal bedroom design with light tones and wood mixed in with a Mondrianesque arrangement on the panels. Very harmonious design.

This is masterful. The worn wood, the gray tones, and above all, the powerful industrial suspension lamps make this an unforgettable design.

The mixture of Oriental and Scandinavian influences works really well on this design, where the beautiful wooden tones highlight the white textiles on the bed.

Sublime use of shelves and assorted decoration items as a means to create something unique to complement the minimal bedroom and marbled floor and harsh walls.

Very elegant design with a sublime use of lamps to highlight the overall ashy tones of the bedroom. A decorative bird provides a little glimpse of color to break the monotony.

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A bed with incorporated nightstands, this bedroom design has everything it needs to be both beautiful and functional.

How can something so modern feel so rustic? Superb use of brown tones with warm lights to create a very comfortable yet minimal looking bedroom.

There can be a glimpse of fantasy in a minimal bedroom. The long exaggerated cables on the suspension lamps and a plant that looks like it’s dancing are the elements that make this a superb master bedroom design.

Harsh walls, right angles, and lighting used to highlight the shapes accentuate the long lines of this bedroom design. Not a room for everyone, but beautiful nonetheless.

Last but not least a simple bedroom design with beautiful wooden flooring and short wall lamps that somehow give this minimal bedroom a bullish vibe.

Did you like these minimal bedroom designs?

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