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Get Inspired By Shalom Baranes Associates

The master bedroom ideas present Shalom Baranes Associates so you can get to know this renowned design firm essentially in the architecture market! Shalom Baranes Associates (SBA) is a 120-person Washington, DC architectural firm with an acclaimed reputation for its expertise in residential, commercial, institutional, and governmental design. They stand out for the development of innovative construction projects that respect the surrounding fabric, while presenting a new and dynamic vision suited to the mission of each client. They do not massify any project, always focusing on client-to-client customization in each Architect Design Project.

Get Inspired By Shalom Baranes Associates

This renowned design firm operates in several areas of expertise, namely: Architecture, Historic Preservation, Sustainable Design, and Urban Planning. Take a look inside in some of the projects made by Shalom Baranes Associates in the different areas of expertise.


Get Inspired By Shalom Baranes Associates
Get Inspired By Shalom Baranes Associates

Taking advantage of its 360-degree exposure, the building becomes a focal point of the surrounding context, the design of the building reflects the unique combination of uses in a smooth zinc and glass skin. For us, the perfect start when we talk about architect inspiration.

A gigantic architect design project by Shalom Baranes Associates. This venture presents three residential towers above a retail podium and involved the relocation of Ingraham Street and created a new private unit that divides the site and provides access to two building lobbies.

Angra Sideboard


Shalom Baranes Associates once again excelled in this project, proving again to the world why it is so recognized and successful as a design firm. SBA was contracted for the complete modernization and restoration of the existing structure of a building next to the White House. A cabinet-level federal office building that was built between 1836 and 1869. Modernization addressed important operational and life safety issues deficiencies, aligning the building with modern standards while respecting its historical character.


Wonderful modern design project by Shalom Baranes Associates. The award-winning master plan incorporates six existing historical structures
within a completely new seaside community, notable for its innovative mix
residential and commercial spaces, a five-acre park, and marina.

Shalom Baranes Associates provided the project for the complete renovation of four of the five “wedges” of the Pentagon, a national landmark, is the largest office building in the world, serving as the headquarters of the US Department of Defense. Once again a project that gives this design firm international recognition.


To talk about Urbanism, we chose an architect design project that is grand, functional, and really catches the eye. In this perspective, we are talking about 1401 Wilson Boulevard. This project spurred Rosslyn’s continuous transformation from a barren urban landscape to a more livable, vibrant and pedestrian-friendly urban environment.

For us, this design firm deserves to be known in the architect market. With a posture of proximity to its customers, it is positioned as an inspired design brand focused on finding solutions for any architect design project.

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