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Grey Master Bedrooms With A Glimpse Of Color

In master bedroom design, grey is considered a cold, neutral color that is often considered formal, conservative and sophisticated, characteristics that can be both maintained and elevated with the addition of another color, adding an extra twist to break with the dullness. Today at Master Bedroom Ideas we’ll be showing you some bedroom inspirations that use grey as a canvas that should be painted with a little color.

1 – Grey and Blue
grey bedroom inspiration ideas

grey bedroom design bedroom color schemes
Grey room ideas that add a little blue often make for calm, relaxing interior designs. Notice the placement of art in both bedrooms to break the monotony and especially the magnificent modern chandelier in the first design that elevates the bedroom to a whole new level.

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2 – Grey, Red and Pink
grey bedroom ideas master bedroom decor

inspiration home decor room design

grey bedroom ideas, bedroom decor

The next two bedrooms both share the grey bedroom walls and the love for the red and pinkish tones on the textiles. While the first bedroom by IQOSA and the second are more modern, the third provides a more classical approach to bedroom design.

3 – Grey and Yellow
bedroom color schemes, grey bedroom walls

bedroom color schemes, grey bedroom walls master bedroom design
A pair of ultra-modern master bedrooms that use a single yellow piece to enhance the natural tones of the grey. Both represent two ways to interpret interior design, as the first one is minimalistic and the second makes use of many items to achieve the same sophisticated feel.

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4 – Other uses of grey bedroom design

grey master bedroom design The last two designs have nothing to do with each other, but are here simply to prove that with grey, any color you might add works perfectly well, you just have to be creative!

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