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6 Hello Kitty Ideas for Girls’ Bedrooms

Everyone knows who is Hello Kitty! This global icon doesn’t have national boundaries, eras or cultures. It is a phenomenon that also strikes interior design trends and ideas. Thinking about this, Master Bedroom ideas gives you 5 Hello Kitty Ideas for girl’s bedrooms. Check them out and choose the best for your children.


Created by Yuko Shimizu, this cute cat can be found almost everywhere! This seemingly expressionless character produced by Sanrio started its journey on a vinyl coin purse way back in 1974, and while the world has changed considerably in the last four decades, Hello Kitty still remains an integral part of popular culture.

5 Hello Kitty Ideas for Girls’ Bedrooms

Adding Hello Kitty-themed décor and accessories to the bedroom elevates the ‘cuteness quotient’ of the space and also gives it a fun, whimsical vibe that is both unique and fashionable.

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From kids’ accessories and bedrooms to the celeb wardrobe and fashion shows in Paris, Hello Kitty is a worldwide trend.  You can have a room filled with Hello Kitty accessories, plush toys and other décor without ever actually knowing the story behind the character.


Fashioning a perfect Hello Kitty bedroom starts with the bedding and there are many options to choose from. In the case of kids’ rooms, pink is often the dominant hue, with white providing the balance and red offering bright contrast.


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Kids’ Hello Kitty bedrooms are most often filled with different shades of pink. But this need not be the norm. You can use a neutral backdrop in light blue or cooler shades of gray along with pops of purple and red to create an alternate color scheme that is equally appealing.


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