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Hollywood Apartments in Moscow by Olga Malyeva Studio

One of the top Russian interior designers Olga Malyeva created American interiors in the city of Moscow. The space of 255 square meters hosts private rooms and common areas bursting the American spirit of spaciousness and nobleness. The facade of the building accommodating these Hollywood apartments is covered with dark clinker brick reminding of New York housing.

Hollywood Apartments in Moscow by Olga Malyeva Studio

The apartment itself is made with incredible taste and amazing choice of interior elements. The abundance of noble materials such as bronze, chrome, brass, marble, impressive wallcovering spiced with exclusive furniture of American designers – all create the unique American ambiance in a glam style.

Hollywood Apartments in Moscow by Olga Malyeva Studio

Following the luxury interior design of the living and dining areas, Olga Malyeva impales with her bedroom interior ideas. With the help of a curtain, the designer divides the space into the bedroom and private guest room leading to the terrace.

Hollywood Apartments in Moscow by Olga Malyeva Studio

Glam bedroom set looks gorgeous in combination with graphic wallpapers. Here you can find the unconventional bedroom furniture such as the luxury console finished in stingray leather.

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The children’s bedroom is Mid-Century styled space. The beds are upholstered in fabric repeating the pattern of the wallpapers. In each space, the choice of the walls decoration indeed inspires master bedroom ideas.

Every spot of these interiors demonstrates the love and admiration of Olga Malyeva towards the American modernists as well as the designer’s deep knowledge of their works.

Source: Olga Malyeva Studio

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