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5 Huge Bedroom Design Gaffes

It happens to everyone — you have an idea and you think it’s perfect for your master bedroom decor or you see a bedroom furniture piece and you need it to complete the environment of your sleeping scenario. But sometimes, what looks awesome, is a poised gift and the final result is a huge bedroom design gaffe! Take a look at these 5 bedroom interiors mistakes and avoid them.

In order to help you creating the perfect atmosphere, discover what are the most common mistakes while decoration bedroom decors.

1. Do not display everything at the same time. Mix, match and try to strike a balance among the accessories and decoration pieces you would like to show. Make sure your room gets some personal touch and reflects your style.

5 Huge Bedroom Design Gaffes

The bed is generally the focal point of a bedroom and if it’s too big, it can make the entire room look out of sync. Therefore, while shopping for a new bed, keep the scale of your room in mind. Avoid these common bedroom interior design mistakes to keep your room spacious and easy to maneuver.

5 Huge Bedroom Design Gaffes

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3. Don’t forget to add a focal point to your bedroom. Put up a beautiful painting like the one in the above picture. Or, go for an art piece, a chandelier or an amazing piece of furniture. Making television as the focal point of your room is the worst bedroom interior design mistakes anyone can make.

5 Huge Bedroom Design Gaffes

Never buy oversized furniture or you could end up feeling cramped. Try to place them in symmetry than putting them all on one side of the room. Add a piece if it’s really necessary or skip the idea.

5 Huge Bedroom Design Gaffes

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5. Bedroom interior design mistakes related to lighting is very common. The bedroom isn’t just for sleeping, but you spend a lot of time performing other activities like reading, watching TV, dressing-up and relaxing in there. So, it’s best to have more than one source illuminating your room. And, don’t forget to add a dimmer to the ceiling and overhead lighting.


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