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Ideas to Decorate Your Master Bedroom

A bedroom is a place to relax, to be pampered, and to be romantic. With the average person spending thirty percent of their life asleep, why not make your bedroom your most important room? These luxurious designs, resplendent in furs, satin sheeting, glamorous headboards and beautifully-woven rugs, give a taste of the ornate at bedtime.

Exploring themes from glowing amber to native African, these bedrooms show how versatile the Bold Bedroom can be – and how glorious a matching ensuite, or pool, can make the space. Take a peek at the most private of rooms with these four globally gorgeous designs.

Bedrooms are often for two, and what better way to celebrate it than with warmth and love? This amber-hued bedroom, eye-catching in tones of brown, grey, beige and midnight blue, knows the way to take romance to the next level. From the front, a textured headboard showcases the bed, while an array of stripes in brown, grey and pastel clothe it. Smooth walls in midnight white, and matte walls in light grey, frame each side.

This room’s bed made in a fine wood-panelled feature greets the eye in beige. Grey curtains and white chiffon let light in, while a rustic wooden door seals the deal.

Angra Sideboard

Another bedroom gives off the tropical and industrial – in one space. The space steps into a large area, modernized by chrome fittings. Backgrounded by a cemented wall. Gloriously open plan, it segments each space through leveling simple flooring. White calico hangs above, in a manner befitting a king. A glowing amber lamp, wooden paneling, and lanterns heat up a traditional room.

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