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Get Inspired by Best Modern Nightstand Designs

The master bedroom design does not look complete unless your bed has a modern nightstand beside it. Leather, marble, black, colorful, creative, classic – there is a wide variety of bedside tables that can become that missing touch your interior needed. Let’s have a look at top unique nightstand ideas that will inspire and impress you.


Marble modern nightstand

modern nightstand

white nightstand always expresses some elegance and grace. The feeling is even more intensified if the bedside table is made of marble. Look how delicate this bedroom interior appears to be, not without the help of the white furniture item! The calmness and softness of color are contrasted by the piece’s sharp edges, creating a perfect balance.


Bed and storage by Giuseppe Rivadossi

This monolithic walnut structure consists of both a bed and a nightstand – a wonderful bedroom furniture idea! Giuseppe Rivadossi has a lot of experience when it comes to craftsmanship and masterfully produced pieces, which is visible from this creation.


Modern nightstand by Baxter

Baxter is a well-known Italian furniture brand that always manages to amaze with high-quality leather works, and this piece is not an exclusion. Available in two colors, Ninfea bedside table can convey different moods. You might want a rather rough look with the black tone, or a softer one with a light nightstand.


Modern nightstand by Boca do Lobo

Inspired by great musicians, this Symphony nightstand with its exquisite contemporary design will bring in a perfect melody to your bedroom.


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House Of BL Paris 


Wooden modern nightstand

When combined with different patterns, the wood revives and starts to play with new colors. Such an option might be that one idea you are still looking for.


Nightstands by Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid is one of the top designers of the generation. His award-winning designs cannot leave anyone indifferent; they always amaze and astonish. For instance, these bedroom sets with matching beds and nightstands are ideal manifestations of contemporary bedroom furniture.


Glossy modern nightstand

In order to add a bit of shine to your room, opt for a glossy bedside table. Not only it conveys grace and elegance, but also captures attention and promptly becomes a centerpiece.


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A contemporary entryway with an exclusive sideboard 

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