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Get Inspired by Top Luxury Dressing Table Designs

A dressing table is a wonderful way to refresh your bedroom interior and add some feminity to it. If you have not yet thought about it, maybe it’s about time to consider such an idea. To help you, we have selected some of the best vanities that impress with their luxury and elegance. Let’s see what those are!


Dressing table by Lithea

Solid wood structure and delicate legs are not the only reasons to fall in love with this vanity. Look at the interesting decorations on the mirrors! They will definitely capture attention and attract with their almost surreal style.


Vanity table by Studio Toner

Marble and wood are the best materials for luxury design. They convey sophistication and grace, and this is exactly the case for this vanity table by Studio Toner. The sinuous silhouette and seven mirrors of different size that can light up will transform your bedroom interior into a truly magical place.


Dressing table by Boca do Lobo

dressing table

The Melrose dressing table is an exclusive creation by a furniture brand Boca do Lobo. You will certainly like its seductive lines, rather classic design, and overall charm. This bedroom furniture piece is surely worth your attention!


Vanities by Longhi

When a modern design is combined with the unparalleled quality of materials and a luxury feeling, such item promptly becomes a centerpiece in any interior. For instance, these vanities have interesting contrasts between contemporary details and classic style, and therefore, will be easy to fit into different settings.


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Dressing table by Lara Bohinc

It is quite visible that Lara Bohinc’s pieces are unique and creative, and this console-vanity is not an exception. The shapes she incorporates, the colors she uses – everything defines her as a masterful furniture designer. This dressing table is not only elegant and appealing but also is highly functional. The big bedroom mirror and inside drawer add some practicality to the item.


Vanity by Ulivi Salotti

By being an easy-to-match item, this make-up table is an ideal bedroom furniture piece. We would certainly recommend considering it for your modern bedroom!


Dressing table by Scarlet Splendour

Woman in Paris Oro is an exquisite and opulent vanity. It is available in different color variations, which makes it a versatile furniture piece.


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