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Inspiring Celebrity Master Bedrooms Under the Stars

From pale and peaceful to bright and exotic one, the master bedroom sets of celebrities inspire incredible rooms. Look to your favorite stars for some of the most inspiring master bedrooms under the stars and start redecorating your master bedroom interior. Master Bedroom Ideas Blog gives you 9 gorgeous master bedrooms!


Hollywood glamor looks so far away from how everyday life but with these gorgeous master bedrooms under the stars you will have the best of Hollywood in your own home decor! It will be so easy to get incredible rooms with the old luxury of Hollywood but with a contemporary twist.

Inspiring Celebrity Master Bedrooms Under the Stars

In Courteney Cox’s master bedroom, dark color scheme is the secret to getting a fearless and strong set. Simple yet elegant, the bedroom is contemporary but with that particular line of timeless furniture.

Inspiring Celebrity Master Bedrooms Under the Stars

Ellen DeGeneres is a worldwide name with thousands of fans and a great sense o humor. However, looking to her and Portia de Rossi’s master bedroom it is like seeing a totally different perspective. it is a simple, minimal and fresh set with a monochrome palette.

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Inspiring Celebrity Master Bedrooms Under the Stars

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick’s laid-back Bridgehampton master bedroom mixes crisp white walls, bedding, and curtains with colorful accessories. You can always go for a simple master bedroom but it touches of strong and bold colors.

Inspiring Celebrity Master Bedrooms Under the Stars

Known for her over-the-top, exuberant style, Donatella Versace‘s Milan bedroom is an eclectic yet surprisingly restrained—combination of classic and modern. The master bed is stunning and the star of this master bedroom interior. Maybe we could be waiting for a more exuberant master bedroom but it is sill a vibrant and intense set.

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Cameron Diaz master bedroom is feminine and seductive. The simple lines of the master bed find the right contrast in the dark armoire and window, creating a peaceful game of shadows and colors.

In the master bedroom of Michael Bay‘s home, we travel in time. The amazing painting work in the wall and the simple furniture are inspired by the old design with a touch of modernity. The wooden master bed is a classic and it has the best of comfy and elegance.

Model Cindy Crawford enlisted decorator Michael S. Smith to design her Malibu home and the final result is a home decor that combines traditional elements with eclectic touches like. The fireplace is crucial to give a romantic taste to the bedroom and the Moroccan rugs result in a sophisticated space.

Roberto Cavalli is a huge name of luxury fashion and his signature can be seen in every single inch of his master bedroom decor. He brings opulence and animal prints to the master bedroom, creating a unique environment. Colors and patterns are great to add movement to the bedroom!

At last, the John Mayer’s master bedroom has Armani/Casa signature and reveals a lot of glamor and elegance. The simple mirror and the discreet accessories are perfect for either modern and classic home decors.

Images Source: Elle Decor

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