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Inspiring Design Trends for Your Modern Bedroom

When you are lacking fresh ideas for your modern bedroom, here come the design trends. These trends will inspire you for new contemporary design solutions for your bedroom interior. Let’s discover which colors, materials or styles are in trend nowadays in order to understand which of them you will be able to apply to your home!


Velvet in your modern bedroom

modern bedroom

Velvet is on the rise again, and not only in fashion. It was popular a few years ago and now it is back. For velvet admirers, this is big news. This material is indeed practical, elegant, and exquisite. There are many ways to apply the trend, in modern furniture pieces or simply in decor objects. For instance, you could have a velvet headboard for your bed or an armchair made of this fabric – whatever you choose will look refined and stylish.


Modern bedroom in monochromatic black

Back to black, as they say… Monochromatic rooms always look stylish and cool. The black interior is especially good for this purpose as it conveys some sophistication and strong character. We would recommend going for rather classic and graceful furniture pieces to achieve the best effect.


Architectural mirrors for your modern bedroom

If you want your master bedroom design to be complete and perfect, do not forget decor items such as mirrors, for example. However, opt for interesting and architectural designs that will finalize the atmosphere of your place. A Portuguese furniture brand Boca do Lobo, for instance, has many such examples to choose from.


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Modern bedroom with mixed metals

Chrome and other metals are considered to be trendy nowadays. Mix and combine them to reach the most glamorous bedroom interior. Their special advantage is in visual simplicity and grace. Due to their calm tone, such pieces will not be capturing too much attention or overloading the whole interior.


Gold and white modern bedroom

We simply could not have missed the trend of gold! It is everywhere: clothes, accessories, furniture items, decor objects, art pieces. You cannot and you should not run from it. Gold has always been a symbol of luxury and opulence. If this is what you want to incorporate in your interior, then golden details are the right way to do so.


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