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Inspiring Master Bedrooms From the Best Interior Designers

Today’s article serves as an ultimate source of inspiration for interior design projects and ambiances that are bound to leave you speechless. In order to have the best master bedroom ideas in your house, here you can discover a broad diversity of master bedroom from many of the top interior designers around the world. Not only in terms of exquisite furniture pieces from luxury brands but also overall structure, from wallpapers to floorings, and much more.

The above bedroom is designed by McClean Design, and emphasize an embed fireplace in a stone accent with smooth lines.

This seacoast room is designed by Gavin Maddock Design Studio.

Narrow master bedroom with huge seamless window, the wood accent wall behind the bed matches the floors precisely. Designed by JM Architecture.

The stunning soften gray-blue of the spread is repeated in the cover bed platform and headboard, along with the woven rug beneath the tables of the seating area across from the bed. Designed by SoCal Contractor.

Designed by Millimeter Interior Design, this lovely minimalist area connects to the open-concept bathroom, which can be seen in the reflection of the glass panels on the balcony.

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The unusual aspect of this blue and white master bedroom, mixed with the circle light fixtures, creates a room with tons of visual interest. Designed by Ippolito Fleitz Group.

Designed by McClean Design, the upholstered bed frame in light gray contrasts softly with the charcoal accents.

master bedroom

Designed by Angelica Henry Design, this deluxe bedroom with open-hearth stone fireplace is raised off the floor to the precise height to be visible from the bed.

master bedroom

superb bedroom, with a gray-blue wood accent wall behind the bed. Designed by SoCal Contractor.

Designed by MM Architects design, this tropical seaside bedroom, with floor-to-ceiling windows that take full advantage of the marvelous views.

master bedroom

Designed by Denise Macedo Architects, this homeland on a sheer hill, with a solid balcony to the rear of the home. Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors give access to the balcony.

Fox-fur on the bed adds warmth and texture to the stone and wood room with sparse furniture. Designed by SAOTA.

The wood tray ceiling of this room is so wide that it rises to greater than 30 feet. Designed by Webb Brown Neaves.

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