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8 Intense Tropical Bedroom Designs

Tropical bedroom designs are a trend for this year. However, they are much more than palms trees and banana plants or vibrant colors. In fact, they are perfect to bring your the feel of Summer! This unique style reflects the easy-going island lifestyle of warm hospitality, comfort, and ease.


This versatile decorating theme encompasses a wide range of looks, including nautical or coastal style, surfer chic, Bali exotic, swanky Palm Beach or traditional British Colonial.

8 Intense Tropical Bedroom Designs

Bright colors raise your spirits, help to wake up and energize you from the beginning of the day. The best way to create a jungle atmosphere is wallpaper with tropical leaves print or birds, and they shouldn’t be only green.

8 Intense Tropical Bedroom Designs

The mixture of traditional design and fun accents, colors, and patterns creates a bedroom that feels fresh

8 Intense Tropical Bedroom Designs

The best furniture for such a room is modern of light colors or colonial of dark shades or even of bamboo. Green accessories like cushions, bedding and bedspreads will help you to finish the look.

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8 Intense Tropical Bedroom Designs

A cheerful palette is the secret to the tropical vibe: green, blue, salmon and yellow are particularly common.



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This vibrant space proves that a tropical influence doesn’t have to be kitschy or corny in the least – in fact, it can be quite modern.


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