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Interior Design Inspiration Projects by Martin Kemp

Martin Kemp is a highly creative Interior Design, producing some of the world’s finest solutions for interiors, architecture, furniture and product.

Founder of the Martin Kemp Design, the Kemp company focus is largely within the super-prime residential market but also embraces peripheral fields such as high-end retail, office, and restaurant design.

The company is known as a luxury brand, where its clients expect an extremely high level of sophistication and finish.

Martin Kemp Design is revered as one of the leaders of style and originality. Their bespoke home design ideas can range from understated country elegance to dynamic city chic, showcasing the very best in creativity with a wide range of styling combining seamlessly into every design. Such original thinking is further enhanced through intricate attention to detail, married with fine craftsmanship sourced both locally and internationally.

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Kemp’s credentials include working in LA with Barbara Barry (“a female Ralph Lauren”), and being the creative director with developers Candy & Candy (of One Hyde Park) for eight and a half years.

If you are looking for some inspiration, where are some Martin Kemp Design ideas  from different room types, for your master bedroom,

master bedroom ideas

room ideas

master bedroom

room ideas, master bedroom ideas

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room ideas, master bedroom ideas, interior design

master bedroom ideas, interior design

In short, they are clearly fulfilling the dreams of their customers. The vision of the company makes it considered one of the best in the world of luxury interior design.

They enjoy the design experience and encourage the clients to do the same, working closely with them as much or as little as desired.

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