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Top Interior Designers for Your Bedroom Project

Bedrooms are essential parts of our homes. Nothing can convey the mood and character of the whole house and its owners the way a master bedroom can. Therefore, it is of great importance that the design of this room is thoroughly considered and worked out. For this, we decided to help you by reviewing the works of some of the top interior designers that have inspiring bedroom projects.


Interior designers: Greg Natale

If you are looking for unordinary solutions, smart combinations of colors and prints, and hints of contemporary design, then you should pay attention to Greg Natale’s works – they are definitely worth it! Greg is an award-winning designer who is deeply passionate about his job, and it can clearly be traced in his projects. Modern yet sophisticated style, as well as a contrast of saturated colors and luxury furniture, will make you fall in love with the places he creates.


Interior designers: Joseph Dirand

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Joseph Dirand is all about noticing details, feeling the structure, and providing timeless designs. There are many bedroom ideas that you could derive for your own place, such as neutral soft colors, elegance, and hidden opulence.


Interior designers: Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler is one of the best American product and interior designers. She provokes and amazes with every her project. Kelly’s aim is to stimulate the sensory experience through her design approach: an exploration of color, materials, and forms. This is especially visible in her bedroom interior designs that can be considered as central places in apartments and houses. Some of them celebrate the love for art and sculpture, having a fresh color palette and creative home decor, some present mixed patterns and contemporary furniture, such as a modern nightstand or unusually shaped bed. There is, however, an aspect that unites all her projects, and it is them all being wonderful, thoughtful, and bold.


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Interior designers: Martin Brudnizki

Color plays a crucial role in the general atmosphere of the room. The right tone can relax you or on the contrary, put you into an energetic state. A designer Martin Brudnizki definitely knows how to convey a certain feeling through colors, and that is something we can learn from him. Not only does he lead an exciting game of tones, but he also masterfully applies different textures and soft materials.


Interior designers: David Collins

Light colors, refreshing feeling, and overall refinement are all characteristic features of David Collins’ works. In case this is what you need for your master bedroom design, he would be the best interior designer to approach.


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