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Light Coloured Bedroom Interior Ideas by Famous Designers

Bedrooms are places where we spend most of the time even if we only sleep during nights there. It is of high importance that this room is comfortable and appealing to us. Therefore, we should think through every detail there. However, sometimes it might be difficult to come up with fresh ideas and thus, we usually look somewhere else for inspiration. Let’s do it this time as well! Bedroom interior designs in light colors by top designers were carefully selected to help with our master bedroom ideas.


Bedroom interior designs by Pierre Yovanovitch

Look how nicely white color is matched with wood. This combination together with the fireplace creates a feeling of coziness. You will never want to leave this room!


What a wonderful bedroom interior idea! The total wooden look will give a breath of nature to your place.


Bedroom interior by Mim Design

Designed for one of the premium residential areas in Hampton, this bedroom sparks with softness. It is impossible not to love its dusky pinks and blue greys as well as its contemporary design with modern furniture.


Bedroom interior by Ferris Rafauli

bedroom interior

Ferris Rafauli is an interior designer from Canada who is known for integrating luxury lifestyle into his projects. One of such examples can be this bedroom designed in light beige. Everything here plays an equally important role in intensifying a luxurious atmosphere of the room: different types of lamps, comfortable grand bed and seating area, soft textures, and a built-in fireplace.


Bedroom interior designs by Studio Munge

These interiors have everything you need your master bedroom to have: calmness in colors, comfortable furniture, a great amount of natural light and appealing home décor ideas.


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Bedroom interior by Studio Ilse

For Japanese minimalistic style admirers, this interior will be a wonderful option. You can see its connection to nature and at the same time feel its solidity.


Ptang Studio’s design

Sophisticated yet simple, this light colored interior with several areas will be a nice solution for big spaces.


Pierre-Yves Rochon

Pierre-Yves Rochon was founded 40 years ago in Paris. Since then, they have been providing high-class interior designs for luxury residential and hospitality locations. This dichromatic bedroom created for a deluxe hotel in Cannes is one of the examples of their works. Its excellent mix of blue and white furniture is worth your attention.


David Collins Studio

This master bedroom design doesn’t even need explanations: it is just too perfect. We fell in love with it from the very first glance.


Bedroom interior by ARRCC

ARRCC create authentic emotive experiences through their designs, and it is visible in their every work. For instance, this interior was carefully conducted in such a way that every piece here is significant and independent, especially the modern nightstand lamps that we totally love!


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