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Luxury Bedroom Design by Brendan Wong

Brendan Wong Design is an unparalleled expertise in interior design from Sydney. The studio is well known for its superior client service and well-considered interiors among which luxury bedroom design deserves special attention. For those who are at the beginning of their careers in the design industry Brendan Wong with its twenty-years experience of working throughout Australia, London and Paris can become a role model as well as a source of inspiration. Those in search for master bedroom ideas will no doubt find perfect furniture sets and sound decoration ideas in Brendan Wong’s designs.

East House is the perfect example of contemporary design and artwork inside the historic Victorian house.

Elegant aesthetics mixed with functionality fill every corner of the house. Contemporary bedroom furniture of any Wong’s project will always include extra couches and side tables for utter relax and comfort.

The abundance of light, fabrics and delicate color palette – all make the bedroom a special place you want to enjoy and cherish.

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The unique sense of space of Brendan Wong makes him truly a bedroom designer. In 1940’s Paddington warehouse converted for residential use, one will discover a luxury bathroom around the bedroom’s corner absorbing the spacious ceiling heights and abundant natural light.

In any residential project of Brendan Wong Studio, modern furniture design is highlighted by finest decor elements such as textile and carpets, antique accessories or fresh flowers which elevate the space to the level of the best bedroom designs.

Luxury Bedroom Design by Brendan Wong

Wooden nightstands bring warmth and coziness to the house and multiple bedroom interior ideas for future master creations.

Luxury Bedroom Design by Brendan Wong

Luxury Bedroom Design by Brendan Wong

Source: Brendan Wong Design

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