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Luxury Dream Bedrooms by Juliettes Interiors

Article originally published on June 13, 2017
Juliettes Interiors are all about over the top furniture, and their team of Italian interior architects is based in their London showroom, where they depict their fabulous and stunning work. You should take these with a grain of salt, as their work is incredible but definitely not for everyone. Today we’ll be presenting you with a curated selection of Luxury Dream Bedrooms by Juliettes Interiors.

This master bedroom epitomizes Juliettes Interiors work, with a white Chesterfield-style patterned bed, joined by a nightstand that’s a mixture of both wood and metal, together with textured white walls, this dream bedroom exudes luxury and opulence.

dream bedroom

Gorgeous dream bedroom with beautiful golden curves over a rug that seems like a straw field, this design mixes both fantasy and reality in a luxurious fashion.

This dream bedroom mixes both blue and golden tones, and while it seems overly worked, all in all, it’s a beautiful bedroom design.

Here’s a design that features a beautiful square-patterned bed, geometric wallpaper, and two mid-century table lamps to complete the look. Overall, this dream bedroom design relies heavily on the bed for its look, which is stunning.

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Gorgeously shining dream bedroom design where even the floor reflects the silvery tones of the bed and the beautiful crystal chandelier. There’s a surreal brightness emanating from the silky textile on this dream bedroom. Heavenly.

Opulent Golden master bedroom design that speaks for itself. The creamy tones and golden brightness combine perfectly together in this design.

Stunning dream bedroom where the gold and cream tones are mixed with a glimpse of red on the bedhead and pillows for some drama.

An opulent bedroom where the star of the show is definitely this black and gold headboard and everything else just comes after. Beautiful design.

Let’s finish with this coppery stunner of a dream bedroom with a lot of depth and detail.

Stay with us to discover more dream bedrooms!

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