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Luxury Hotel Rooms in Your Favorite Cities

Planning a holiday to the city of New York, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Rome, or Barcelona? Then this article is a must-read for you! We have prepared a selection of luxury hotel rooms in those cities. Let’s see what you can experience when staying in these opulent places.


Luxury hotel in London: Cafe Royal 

If you are looking for unparalleled service and facilities, contemporary rooms, and overall charming atmosphere, a five star hotel Cafe Royal in London would be an ideal option. Each room is assigned a butler who will help you with all sorts of tasks. The assistance is highly pleasant and unobtrusive. Apart from that, you will also be able to find a huge variety of bars, restaurants, spa and fitness venues there.


Luxury hotel in Amsterdam: W hotel

luxury hotel

For a truly luxury experience, consider W hotel in Amsterdam. You will love the rooftop terrace with a pool, attentive service, and bedrooms with modern design! This is just a place where every your dream or wish can be brought to reality.


Luxury hotel in Rome: St. Regis

Pleasant and light color scheme, perfectly chosen room accessories, natural lighting combined with style matching chandeliers and table lamps – all aspects in every St. Regis hotel suite speak for themselves. Be sure to add these room color combinations to your bedroom ideas!


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Crosby Street Hotel in New York

Crosby Street Hotel in New York is a destination that overflows with style, character, and trendiness. Designer bedroom furniture in posh rooms that are uniquely decorated, down to earth service, and meal experience on a solid level are the reasons why people choose this hotel. No doubt it is worth a visit!


Luxury hotel in Paris: Four Seasons

Opulent interior, where every detailed is thoughtful and elaborate, where all aspects spark with sophistication and elegance, where you will feel like a king or queen – this is how we would describe Four Seasons hotel in Paris.


Luxury hotel in Barcelona: Soho House

If you are looking for a hip and modern hotel yet with a relaxed and laid back atmosphere, Soho House is the right place to stay. Its bedroom interior designs with authentic furniture, its rooftop terrace with a pool and lounge zone, its top-notch bars and restaurants – everything in this hotel allures the guests.


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