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Luxury Hotel Suits for Your Inspiration

Hotels all over the world are trying to amaze their guests and to provide something extra, either in terms of the design or service. We are especially interested in what a luxury hotel has to offer, what interior solutions work best for them. Therefore, let’s look at the best hotel suites to see the most luxurious designs. Who knows, maybe it will also inspire you to transform your own master bedroom.


Fairmont, Maldives

luxury hotel

Fairmont luxury hotel in the Maldives strikes with its simplicity, brightness, and modern design. Huge windows let the light enter the suite, visually making it bigger and more spacious. A personal exit to the garden or ocean is like a final touch to force you to fall in love with this suite.


Palms, Las Vegas

luxury hotel

Either it is a bachelor party or just a romantic getaway – it does not matter with what purpose you are coming to Las Vegas, it is always worth staying at Palms luxury hotel. The calm tones of the suite add grace to an already luxury room. The interior was arranged so wisely that you will want to have the same for your master bedroom design.


Burj Al Arab, Dubai

The amount of room décor and game of colors in this luxury hotel suite is just a feast for your eyes! However, be careful if you prefer minimalistic designs – you will most probably not appreciate such an interior.


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The St. Regis, Rome

Pleasant and light color scheme, perfectly chosen room accessories, natural lighting combined with style matching chandeliers and table lamps – every aspect of the suites in The St. Regis Hotel speaks for itself. Be sure to add these room color combinations to your bedroom ideas!


Four Seasons, Bali

Bedroom interior designs in these luxury hotel suites might at first seem too simple. However, when you look at them carefully, you can notice small but so important details that in the end will be creating comfort throughout your vacation.


The Plaza, New York

luxury hotel

This suite is definitely worth being called luxurious, at least because of its graceful tones, luxury furniture, and overall elegant atmosphere.


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