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3 Mandatory Trends Shaping Bedroom Design in 2016

Are you always searching for the latest trends in decoration? If you are, this is the perfect content for you! We have 3 mandatory trends for you that are shaping bedroom design in 2016 and you will love it. They are unique, elegant, sophisticated and sensual. The harmony is crucial for every set and these trends have it.


Mid-Century Modern Flair

2016 will see this trend shaping the bedroom with iconic Midcentury decor making its way into the bedroom. But it is not furniture alone that is setting the tone, as simple, clean lines coupled with bold colors add to this vibrant theme. The landscape can also play a huge role in the decoration of your master bedroom decor.

23 Mandatory Trends Shaping Bedroom Design in 2016

3 Mandatory Trends Shaping Bedroom Design in 2016

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Fearless and Rich Hues

Pantone has already crowned the exciting Marsala as its color of the year, and luxurious purples, sumptuous yellows and dark greens will also be preferred ahead of boring beige and simple white, even in the bedroom.

3 Mandatory Trends Shaping Bedroom Design in 2016


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Refreshing Green Elegance

Nature inspired bedroom is something trendy in 2016, and plants seem to be a popular addition. The room’s atmosphere certainly benefits from some greenery, and a simple trick is to try opening up your bedroom towards the garden or the green canopy outside to give the space an energizing, natural backdrop.



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