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10 Manhattan Master Bedrooms with Stunning Views

Today we’ll be travelling to some master bedrooms from the city of dreams, the big apple, the city that never sleeps… well, you get the idea, we’re talking about New York, one of the most coveted cities when it comes to real estate, where the rent of the tiniest studio can be worth an entire year’s salary and where a room with a view is considered a major treasure. Working there is one of the major goals of interior designers wanting to make a name for themselves.
master bedroom collection boca do lobo As there’s plenty of choice when it comes to inspired Manhattan room designs, but today we’ll be focusing on those who have a great view. Most of these apartments are worth over 10 millions, others are hotel rooms for CEO’s, industrialists and royalty, but every single one of them is a staple of interior design. Shall we begin?

First Avenue, The Charles Upper East Side Condominium

Brand new lower Manhattan Tower

Bedroom of a Manhattan Penthouse with a 360º view over the city.

Manhattan Apartment renovated by Suzanne Lovell

Central Park Penthouse on the Upper East Side

New York inspired Avenue Folding Screen by Boca do Lobo

Boca do Lobo Avenue
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Bedroom at the Courtyard Manhattan with a stunning nighttime view

Hotel at the Four Points by Sheraton Manhattan Chelsea

Manhattan Penthouse of NHL player Henrik Lundqvist

Trump Soho

Bedroom at Trump SoHo, New York

And that’s it for today! Hope you’ve enjoyed our tour through some of the most expensive master bedrooms in hotels and apartments in Manhattan. We’ll be back tomorrow with more Master Bedroom ideas!

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