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7 Marvelous Bedroom Furniture Ideas by Brabbu

Brabbu is a luxury design brand that reflects an intense way of living, bringing fierceness, strength and power into an urban lifestyle. Their exclusive pieces tell stories from nature and the world. All these stories are written by the materials, textures, scents, flavors and colors that live inside nature and inside the urban life. With these 7 marvelous bedroom furniture ideas by Brabbu you will get the master bedroom of your dreams.


Delphi Screen

Back to a world of magic and wonder, where the ancient world’s most famous oracle prophesied the futures of kings and countries. Delphi, the holiest site of ancient Greece, is recreated in this screen to bring oracle to life through its bird’s eye root veneer and elm root veneer. Recalling traditional techniques to Delphi screen using hammered brass, gives the dramatic and strong finish to it, making your master bedroom decor a true desirable environment to disclose.

7 Marvelous Bedroom Furniture Ideas by Brabbu

Sika Chair

Fitting Sika wingback chair in a modern bedroom interior is suiting a blend of strength and elegance inspired in a deer species rooted in Japan – where it is considered to a be sacred. The most distinctive features of Sika wingback chair are its reddish leather covered by brass tackles and the imposing arms and headrest, resembling the deer´s fur and antlers. It is the perfect chair for amazing bedroom seating areas!

7 Marvelous Bedroom Furniture Ideas by Brabbu

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Padaung Stool

Padaung contemporary stool is a strong decorative element for a modern home decor and fits in perfect harmony with your lifestyle rituals and with all Ritual’s collection design pieces, developed to bring fierceness to a modern bedroom set.

7 Marvelous Bedroom Furniture Ideas by Brabbu

Essex Armchair

Metamorphosis is the transformation process from caterpillar to butterfly. It inspired Essex armchair, a sublime upholstery piece for the most luxurious bedrooms.

7 Marvelous Bedroom Furniture Ideas by Brabbu

Cay Side Table

Nature in its rawest form flows through this charismatic furniture piece as lava flows during a volcano eruption. Molded by casted brass and bronze glass, Cay embodies nature’s ultimate scream. Allow yourself to hear the ultimate call, feeling its strength and reflecting it into your urban lifestyle.

7 Marvelous Bedroom Furniture Ideas by Brabbu

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Belize Mirror

Belize is the round mirror for a contemporary or modern master bedroom that attends to reflect nature in one of its most elegant ways.


Cyrus Floor Light

Cyrus Floor Light was inspired by the freedom and the vast culture of the Persian civilization. An original furniture piece made in polished brass. Luxurious, yet, sober and exquisite.



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