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Glaring Master Bathrooms for the Contemporary Home

The most private division of the contemporary home, a temple of solitude and personal care, the Master Bathroom is where we wash away our impurities and get ready for another day, so its design should be able to reflect upon you the right state of mind before you face the long hours to come. There is more to master bathroom design than what meets the eye, so today at Master Bedroom Ideas Blog we’ll be displaying some of the most striking examples of master bathroom design.

master bathroom design
Opulent master bathroom design where the golden washbasins and lighting meet with the glaring presence of Boca do Lobo’s Venice Mirror for an overall stunning sight.

master bathroom
Dreamy master bathroom inspiration featuring Maison Valentina’s Lapiaz bathtub where the dark colors concentrate on the bottom for the top to shine, with golden lines serving as a division.

A more limpid design with the Lapiaz bathtub.

A stunning combination of the wall texture, the double wash basins, and the exquisite sunburst Apollo Mirror by Boca do Lobo.

Exquisite, dark and textured dark master bathroom design with Koket’s Guilt Mirror at the center.

Another example of an astonishing master bathroom interior design where clear tones blend with the gray of the Metropolitan Washbasin.

A darker inspiration with the same Metropolitan Washbasin.

Paired Ring Rectangular Mirrors with a golden Symphony Washbasin so he and she can start their days’ side by side.

Deconstructive design with the Koi Bathtub serving the ultimate oriental touch on this glaring master bathroom design.

Luxurious gold and white bathroom inspiration featuring Maison Valentina’s Crochet Washbasin.

Stunning double area bathroom with gold, cream and gray tones mixing together in perfect harmony.

A fine example of fantasy in bathroom design with the gravity defying Newton Bathtub.

A dark design featuring the Diamond Bathtub and an Apollo Mirror.

Inspired design where the angular modern lines of Maison Valentina’s Diamond Bathtub contrast the fluid pattern on the wall and meet the golden tones of Delightfull’s Brubeck Chandelier

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