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Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Furnish your master bedroom for comfort and style. Look for pieces that offer flexibility and function.

This bedside table offers shelves for magazines and books for bedtime reading, so the top remains free for the bedside lamp and an interesting object or two.

master bedroom

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It might be tempting to buy the biggest bed possible to feather a luxurious nest. But doing this in a small space tends to cause a more cramped feel. Instead, choose a bed with small stature that won’t choke the room, such as an iron bed with a see-through headboard and footboard. Or pick a bed with no footboard at all, such as a platform or storage bed. Doing so will keep the middle of your room open, making it feel larger.

master bedroom

Embrace natural light, which will help a bedroom feel light and airy. Layer drapes and light-blocking shades for style and optimal light control.

master bedroom

Be smart about storage when decorating a bedroom. Employ a nightstand with drawers and shelves and install a floating shelf above for extra storage in a small bedroom.

When decorating a small bedroom, go for furniture with rounded edges. It will take up less floor space and help widen walkways.

It doesn’t have to be an entire étagère-full, as seen in this bedroom by LA-based designer Kelly Sutton, but a cluster of pieces that make you smile will go a long way in making a bedroom feel just right. Bonus: This is also a great way to incorporate pieces you’ve acquired over the years but can’t quite figure out where to put them. Make sure they’re in your line of sight upon waking up and their true purpose will be revealed: Making you happy.

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