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Master Bedroom Design Tips From Top Designers

As the parts of our homes that say the most about us, the Master Bedroom design can make a huge difference in the way we perceive our spaces.

To create a dream bedroom,  all the elements must play together as well as taking risks in order to create wonderful and unexpected combinations. Keep reading and find out our selection of top designers tips to better style your master bedroom.

Add Space for Socialization

Master Bedroom Design

Co-founder and creative director of Consort Design, Mat Sanders, advises that every master bedroom should have a socialization area, dividing the room into a sleeping and living zone.

Mix Textures and Finishes

Mark Cunningham states the a mix between textures will make your room feel like a million bucks and like a lot of thought went into it, even if it didn’t.

Designer Furniture

Even in the most simple and elegant spaces, a designer piece can have a huge influence in the personality of the room, possibly even creating a poetic sense tho it. This master bedroom with a soft headboard features Boca do Lobo golden Symphony Nightstand, a beautiful piece that emulates music.

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Beauty And Funcionality

Master Bedroom Design

Beauty and functionality are equally important when decorating a bedroom in the opinion of Jonathan Adler.

Mix the Old and the New

This Master Bedroom by Jamie Drake mixes old and new in a stunning combination highlighted by the painting of Napoleon on the wall.

Keep it Light

Tamara Magel states that the bedroom color palette should be kept light and airy, from the woods to the textiles mixed with décor pieces with some darker elements.

Master Bedroom Design

A serene beach-like master bedroom interior design by Robert Couturier, where he makes use of neutral tones to achieve a charming, relaxing and modern interior design


Master Bedroom Design

Take a look at this restrained bohemian bedroom by Taylor Howes, where a pair of mirrors burst right into the sublime bed for a quiet, but charming master bedroom design.


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