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10 Master Bedroom Ideas by the Best Interior Designers

During 2017 we have been publishing some of the best master bedroom ideas by some of the best interior designers in the world. Today we’ll be looking into 10 of the most beautiful master bedroom designs featured in these articles, in a selection that features work by the likes of Pierre Yves-Rochon, Jean-Louis Deniot, Helen Green, Katharine Pooley, Tara Bernerd and many others. Enjoy!

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An eclectic master bedroom by Eric Cohler with a fur blanket and an exquisite canopy bed, also a pair of purple bedroom benches. Full Article.

Beautiful bedroom by Jean-Louis Deniot with a Sputnik chandelier, a fireplace, elegant blue closet and a pair of stunning table lamps. Full Article

This Master Bedroom Idea by Helen Green features a charming brown tufted headboard with highlighted by navy details and a charming pair of copper table lamps over the blue nightstands. Full Article

Sumptuous bedroom design by Eric Kuster with beautiful pendant fixtures that give the bedroom an almost extraterrestrial look. Elegant and Luxurious. Full Article.

Exquisite blue bedroom in Manhattan by Kelly Behun with a gorgeous floral carpet and a pair of bedroom benches while the paint emulates the effect of being dripping from the ceiling. One of the most read articles in Master Bedroom Ideas. Full Article.

Luxury bedroom by Katharine Pooley with a comfortable sitting area and a beautiful golden headboard with a square pattern and stunning chandelier. Full Article.

Palatial master bedroom ideas come and go, and this Royal master bedroom design is both inspiring and sublime. This presidential suite at the George V by Pierre Yves-Rochon is everything a dream bedroom should be. Full Article.

Brown tones have been a common theme on some of the most refined master bedroom ideas in 2017. This sublime bedroom by Simeone Deary features modern furniture pieces, straight lines with brown tones combining with the sunset art on the walls. Full Article.

On this bedroom design, a gorgeous side table and a rocky wallpaper in neutral tones make for a beautiful organic design in white and cream. One of the most stunning ideas from 2017 by star interior designer Sasha Bikoff. Full Article.

One of the most beautiful master bedroom ideas with an elegant bed design, a green bench and a flooring pattern that gives it a peculiar touch designed by Tara Bernerd. The blue skyline is also working to enhance the overall design. Full Article.

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