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Master Bedroom Ideas For Your Luxury Yacht

There are more than 5000 luxury sailing yachts currently on the water. Each of them is fully customized and reflects the extraordinary personality of its owner. Both the exterior styling and interior design is important when it comes to a luxury yacht, and master bedroom ideas are essential to achieving the utter comfort and coziness of your sailing house.

If you are an owner of a luxury yacht you may choose to express yourself in various ways: through astonishing colors and tones, through a selection of exceptional textures and materials, through geometric patterns and figures.

Some prefer the classic appeal of mahogany paneling, for a gentleman’s-club look, while others like lacquered surfaces, for a decidedly contemporary ambiance.

Master Bedroom Ideas For Your Luxury Yacht

Master Bedroom Ideas For Your Luxury Yacht

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One of the features that unite all the yachts’ owners is a passion for large beds of more than a king size dimensions as well as a high mattress to guarantee a pleasant sleep in times of bad weather.

Master Bedroom Ideas For Your Luxury Yacht

Minimalistic interior with multi-level illumination, typical boat interior with luxury cabins or rustic look with Provence decorative motives – contemporary superyachts span the spectrum of all the styles, and more. You’re certain to find something that suits your definition of beauty.

Master Bedroom Ideas For Your Luxury Yacht

The constant quest for dynamic, ingenious, original solutions that instantly express a precise idea through the use of different styles is integral to the philosophy of yacht interior design. Creating iconic yachts with a thorough selection of high-end furniture and luxury accessories that strikes at first sight and at the same time serves to the utter comfort of the owner – is what the yacht design should be.

Source: Robb Report 

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