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Master Bedroom Ideas: São Paulo Design Week 2018

Today, the Master Bedroom Ideas will present you the Latin American design festival at São Paulo, Brazil.

São Paulo Design Weekend is an urban festival that aims to promote the culture of design and its connection with architecture, art, design, urbanism, social inclusion, business and technological innovation.

Between the 29th of August and the 2nd of September, Sao Paulo in Brazil will host a new edition of the largest Latin American design festival, a major urban design festival, composed of hundreds of independent, simultaneous events.

The first edition was held in 2012, and since then has been growing and maturating year after year, reaching international quality levels. Public and private activities at São Paulo Design Week are promoted in strategic points of the city such as Museums, Galleries, Studios, Stores, Shopping Centers, Parks, Public Squares, Universities, Colleges and others.

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contemporary art, room design

room design, décor, contemporary art

Every year, the brands of paints disclose his studies of what are tones references to the palette of new colours. In 2018, the globally known Pantone bet in a shade of purple called ultraviolet, which is complex and contemplative, suggesting the mysteries of the cosmos. For the Lukscolor, the Reflection LKS 2295, a soft shade of blue with a grey nuance, was elected.

The inspiration was found in creativity, vitality, youth, hope and freedom and arrived in a dark green called eucalyptus.

Why Eucalyptus

“Eucalyptus is a colour that, at the same time, brings freshness, hope and, because of your deep and slightly greyish tone, a maturity and seriousness, we all crave in this troubled time that the world crosses”, concluded Patricia, from

master bedroom ideas

room ideas, luxury design, contemporary art, room design

Already confirmed for the Sâo Paulo Design Week 2018, the decorating boutique is one of the attractions of the festival. Designed by interior designer Maria di Pace and by journalist Sergio Madame guillotine, this year presents to the public ten signed by professional established environments and debate the movement ‘ after-luxury ‘ and the resignification of consumption today. In your 5th Edition, will last for 12 days and will be held at Studio 689, Ugo di Pace, in Alameda Gabriel Mateo.

décor, contemporary art, master bedroom ideas

luxury lifestyle, luxury design

room design, master bedroom ideas

room design, contemporary art

The events of the São Paulo Design Week partners will be held in various formats such as: seminars, courses, conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, installations, urban interventions, receptions and cocktail parties, product launches, themed tours, parties, concerts, contests, prizes, among others.

There are on the Design Week agenda exclusive events and open to the public.

luxury lifestyle, contemporary art, room design

In the next days, the official program will be revealed, but you can expect a major celebration of design. Remember, the 7th edition will be held in the city of São Paulo, between August 29th and September 2nd.

The official schedule will be made available on the site from August 2018.

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