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Master Bedroom Innovation Ideas for 2018

In this article we will take a peek at a selection of furniture design and master bedroom decoration, with trends and ideas for master bedroom innovation design for 2018.

Hanging Pendants

If you are looking for inovation in the master bedroom, ditch the table lamps and consider hanging pendant lights near your bed instead. That way, you will give your room a quick trendy revamp and save your nightstand for something else, while still having that dim light that creates a relaxing mood.

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Sofa Bed

The Celine Sofa bed is another possibility. Manufacturer by Flou and designed by Riccardo Giovanetti, the Celine Sofa bed is another possibility. The sofa bed, is roomy, deep and cozy while offering flexibility and modern style. The easy maintenance of this sofa bed makes it a dynamic addition to the interior.

Modern Bedroom Furniture With Retro Inspiration

As in many other aspects of the interior design, in the bedroom, the retro hint will play a significant role in the master bedroom innovation The Bonaldo collection is an example by presenting several products with lacquered surfaces, bold geometric shapes and warm shades.

master bedroom innovation

Solid Wood Bed Designs

The search of a natural, cozy and earthly feeling is another upcoming global trend in the master bedroom design. A combination of natural materials and green accents for a fresh, on-trend bedroom, as well as the application of wood is sure plan to achieve a cozy, warm atmosphere anywhere.

Golden Nightstands

Giving the master bedroom a luxurious touch,  golden nightstands have become a must because they still give you the same purpose that regular ones do, while bringing the gold to your dreams.

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Clean Mid-Century Design

Establishing a turning point in the world of interior design, the 60s and the 70s are making a comeback this year, but a lot modified this time. Being mixed with a clean, fresh and organised environment will give your room an attractive and modernised improvement.

master bedroom innovation

All In One – Bedroom And Bathroom Design

For master bedroom innovation, combine sleeping and bathing spaces. Growing in popularity, some of the best examples can be seen in hotels.

Hotel Wiesergut by Gogl Architekten

Even tough this tendancy is mainly seen in hotels, it can be more and more frequently seen in private residences as well.

Luxury Master Bedrooms – Leather, Brass, and Marble

The iko bed anufacturered by Flou and designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, brings the combination of pure looking  shapes, craftsmanship and the use of unusual materials, like leather, marble, and brass. The final result creates an elegant and harmonious mood, expressing high formal and qualitative value.

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