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10 Master Bedroom Trends for 2018

Master bedroom trends, as almost every trend nowadays, are in continuous change. We are frequently overwhelmed with new possibilities and ideas coming from trade fairs or with each new catalog launch. If you are thinking about renewing your master bedroom, you may want to pay attention to the latest interior design and decoration trends. We compiled 10 bedroom trends for 2018 and you we’ll let you know everything about them.


1. Monochromatic Vibes

Especially with grey and white scales. The shades of grey and white can start with bright ones, close to white, and finish at the other end of the spectrum that features dark shades close to the black. Mixing several shades of these colours into your bedroom will effortlessly add a luxury touch.

2. A touch of colour

This year, a little of blue, green or yellow are welcome to your bedroom decor. These particular colours ad a more comfortable sensation into your room design.

3. Four-poster beds

The four-poster beds are officially trying to sneak back into our homes. Even if now they are a lot cleaner and simpler then their ancients, they are still a way to give a romantic vibe to the master bedroom design.

4. Marble

This particular material could be anywhere, from floors to exclusive furniture and as a pattern in household linens.

5. Designer Nightstands

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A designer nightstand piece features unique details achieved through the skill of talented artisans, ensuring that it stands-out in any master bedroom set. If you want something unique to your home decor, a nightstand like this by Boca do Lobo could be what you are looking for.


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6. Wood Walls

Preferably recycled, wood walls bring the beauty of texture to contemporary master bedrooms.

7. Pastel Tones

In this type of bedroom inspiration, neutral colours like white, beige or grey, have the predominant space while there are given touches of pastel in accessories or a single wall. It takes full advantage of natural lighting.

8. The Power Of Nature

Don’t get too excited. The idea is not turning your room into a forest. Although plants can be a source of oxygen-sucking, in moderate quantities they give a touch of colour and life to the bedroom.

9. Black Furniture

For many years black furniture has gone out of fashion but now it appears that it will be back to its golden days. As a colour, black has a strong connection with the whole chromatic range so it will be very easy to coordinate. In case of doubt, the black and white mix never disappoints.

10. Classic Is Still a Style

Classic master bedrooms are characterized by carved wood, some curves and tails and the use of metal. These styles give more class and shape, with a touch of warmth and coziness, to an ordinary kind of furniture.


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