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Master Bedrooms with Breathtaking Chandeliers

There’s nothing like the glamor and charm of a chandelier. When placed in master bedrooms, chandeliers go the extra mile for that luxurious feeling that makes you fall in love with a room design. Today at Master Bedroom Ideas Blog we’ll be giving you some bedroom inspirations with chandeliers for your master bedroom. Sit back and enjoy!

Newton Suspension Lamp by Boca do Lobo acts as the cherry on top of the cake in any interior design.

master bedrooms chandelier
Exquisite use of plants to brighten up a heavily designed bed topped by a luxurious chandelier on this master bedroom design.

master bedrooms chandelier metal
Blue navy and toasted yellow tones with brass nightstands give this master bedroom a nautic feeling, while the chandelier works as the centerpiece. Overall a great bedroom inspiration.

master bedrooms chandelier
This oversized chandelier is an example of what not to do with one in your bedroom, as it is not well-placed nor well-sized enough to enhance the overall master bedroom look.

master bedrooms chandelier
Clean look with the use of feminine pink tones and furry textiles, where the chandelier provides the last drop of drama to take this design to the next level.

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master bedrooms chandelier
Unusual suspension lamp providing golden tones and drama to this master bedroom design.

master bedrooms chandelier rustic
This rustic black chandelier provides the contrast with the overall beige tones on this master bedroom.

Beautiful Nymph Chandelier by Koket providing the whimsical, magic feel of a thousand butterflies flying through a room.

Glorious crystal chandelier making use of all the luminosity in the room.

Last but not least, here’s another example of what not to do. A room needs to be practical, and you wouldn’t want to spend the rest of your life hitting your head against a crystal chandelier, would you?

Hope you enjoyed our short tour through some of the most stunning master bedroom chandeliers. We’ll be back next time with more master bedroom inspirations, stay tuned!

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