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The Master Bedrooms Of Your Dreams

Today, Master bedroom Ideas is here to make you sigh, showing you the master bedrooms of your dreams! And since we are dreaming, let’s dream bigger and divide these master bedrooms into two categories: luxury hotel suite and celebrity’s bedroom.

The Master Bedrooms Of Your DreamsThis suite is part of the Baros Resort in Maldives. The high ceiling enhances the room. This interior design is simple and focused on natural woods to make the room like a part of the surrounding atmosphere of Maldives.

The Master Bedrooms Of Your Dreams

Castello di Casole is a luxury hotel in Toscany, Italy and it is surrounded by the most amazing typical views of the region, from the vines to the hills. This master bedroom is filled with luxury furniture and a sense of sophistication.

The Master Bedrooms Of Your Dreams

The La Siesta hotel is the newest member of the Hanoi Elegance hotel Group in Vietnam. The suites have the most amazing views of the city center, full of the city lights at night. The room design is simple with a touch of a classical and contemporary design combo.

La Reserve is a 5 star luxury hotel in Paris. The bedroom design is inspired by the 19th century architectural style with classical looks and dark wooden furniture. It is the image of the Parisian chic style and a great inspiration for our home decor.

The Willow Grove Inn in Virginia, United States is the perfect place for you to relax. It is placed in the countryside and is designed following the lines of contemporary style with a touch of classicism. All Rooms have a fireplace and the coziest atmosphere, ideal for a luxury get away with your loved one.

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Now, let’s start with the celebrity’s dream master bedrooms. First celeb: Barack Obama. He owns a mansion with eight bedrooms where the smallest one is in fact his office.

Beyonce is the strongest personality when it comes to pop and R&B music. She opted for neutral shades like the beige and cream colours to make her master bedroom elegant and classy just like Queen B herself.

Ellen Degeneres and her wife Portia de Rossi own the most beautiful beach mansion in Santa Barbara, United States. Can you imagine how it is to wake up at this incredible view of the sea and getting warm with this amazing fireplace during the cold nights?

Now, Johnny Depp is well know for his unique personality as can understand by every role he plays, like Captain Jack Sparrow or Edward Scissorhands. His bedroom portrays this uniqueness with eclectic decor and bright colours.

Last but not least we have Oprah Winfrey. She got herself a ski retreat in Colorado, United States and has its own treehouse. This amazing master bedroom features a rustic and warm decor with plenty of wooden furniture and greens for a nature like feel.

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