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Opulent Master Bedrooms of Famous Palaces

Interior design is much more than mere decoration, it serves a purpose, and royal families knew its usefulness as a tool for projection of power. It was meant to impress foreign royals and dignitaries with a magnificent display of wealth that could be used for their political advantage, and when it comes to Master Bedrooms, royalty and nobility were known to spare no expenses for they never knew who would be visiting the next month, hence the importance of opulent, luxurious and over the top interior design.

Boca do Lobo Master Bedroom Collection
Today we’ll be taking you through some of the most stunning master bedrooms of famous European palaces, where the likes of Napoleon, Ludwig II of Bavaria, the doges of Venice, Russian Emperors and Portuguese Kings used to rest. Rich and intricate master bedroom designs of incredible richness that would become hallmarks of interior decoration. Shall we begin?

master bedrooms palace
Château de Malmaison’s Master Bedroom in Paris, France.

Master bedrooms
Neuschwanstein Castle’s Master Bedroom in Bavaria, Germany.

luxurious interior
Gatchina Palace’s Master Bedroom in St. Petersburg, Russia.

master bedroom design
Le Château Fontainebleau’s Guest Bedroom, Paris, France.

palacio da ajuda lisboaBedroom of Palácio da Ajuda in Lisbon, Portugal.

Inspired by the Portuguese tradition of  “Azulejo” tiles in churches and Palaces, Boca do Lobo’s Heritage Sideboard is a modern take on an old tradition.

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Venetian Master Bedroom
Palazzo Sagredo’s Guest Bedroom in Venice, Italy.

Château de Compiégne bedroom in Paris, France.

dutch palacePaleis Het Loo in Apeldoorn, Netherlands.

Herrenchiemsee Palace in Herrenninsel Island, Bavararia, Germany.

yusupov palace
Yusupov Palace Master Bedroom in St. Petersburg, Russia.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this short tour through some of the most opulent master bedroom designs and luxurious interiors in Europe. Although these are not for everyone, maybe we can adopt some of the ideas into our own master bedroom. Be inspired, goodbye!

Dreams of Gold:

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