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Stunning Master Bedrooms with Gold Accents

When the pureness, innocence and simplicity of white tones combine with the wealth, opulence and shine of gold, magic things can happen. Today at masterbedroomideas blog we’ll be showing you a carefully curated selection of Master Bedrooms with Gold Accents and talking about how to use this palette in master bedroom design to conceive glorious interiors. Shall we start?

Breathtaking combination of a furry mattress with a divine chandelier and oriental lamps on this white and gold bedroom.

Exceptionally clean and opulent design with metallic tones, gold accents and white textiles with golden details on this master bedroom design.

crochet nightstand newton wall lamp boca do lobo master bedroom
Unsettling interior with the gold tones provided by Boca do Lobo’s Crochet Nightstand and Newton Wall Lamps.

Luxurious and opulent design with Middle Eastern influences and heavy use of fur and metallic reflections.

Surprisingly beautiful golden structure providing the glam on this master bedroom design.

apollo wall mirror master bedroom
Light pink tones blend with the Apollo Wall Mirror on this fun, lighthearted master bedroom design.

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Simple and elegant bedroom design with clean geometric patterns and gold wallpaper, proving you don’t always need golden furniture to obtain this rich effect.

White and gold mix together for an exceptionally glamorous design.

Luminous, modern bedroom design with gold over wood and beige tones to achieve a rich look.

Superbly elegant design straight out of fairy tales and fantasy books.

Matheny Table LampWhite and wood design with the gold provided by Delightfull’s Matheny Table Lamp

So many ideas you could almost risk being cramped, but this design avoids all the traps for a masterfully decorated bedroom.

And that’s it for today, we hope you’ve enjoyed our selection of White Bedrooms with Gold Accents. See you tomorrow!

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