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Trend Alert: Master Bedrooms with Reclaimed Wood Walls

Today we’ll be talking about reclaimed wood in master bedrooms design. When using reclaimed wood on any of your projects you’re giving new life to an already processed good and therefore helping to preserve ecosystems that rely heavily on trees. Reclaimed wood may come from old barns, factories or warehouses and whatever the source may be every plank tells its own story.

Right now, reclaimed wood is all the rage when it comes to room design, as people’s ecological awareness gains momentum. Besides being Eco-friendly, reclaimed wood is known for its strength, stability and durability, mainly due to the lack of air pollution that existed up until the 20th century and lacked any human intervention during centuries of growth. Oh, it also looks gorgeous, and in master bedroom design, reclaimed wood is used to give that old rustic feeling or to highlight selected bedroom items.

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Today we’ll be presenting you ten master bedrooms with reclaimed wood walls that we hope will inspire you on your room design adventures, all of them from renowned interior designers. Shall we begin this new master bedroom adventure?

master bedrooms design
Reclaimed wood wall on this master bedroom project by Bruce Johnson & Associates Interior design.

master bedrooms design
Gorgeous pallett wall by Dovetail Construction.

Vivid reclaimed wood design by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design.

Stunning wood room by Habashy Designs.

Jason Snyder’s incredible reclaimed wood room.

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Vivid room design by Jen Chu

Classic style achieved through the use of reclaimed wood by Studio Revolution.

master bedroom log
Small master bedroom by Sunlit Architecture.

Wonderful wood room by Tomahawk Log Country Homes.

Sleek and tidy master bedroom design with reclaimed wood highlighting the bed. By Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage.

Reclaimed wood use on this BRABBU bedroom design.

That’s it for today. Hope you’ve enjoyed these reclaimed wood master bedroom projects. See you next time!

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