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Master Bedrooms with Striking Wood Panel Designs

Article originally published on May 5, 2017.
Wood panels have the ability to provide any bedroom with a touch of warmth to any design, as there’s something about wood that’s both comforting and beautiful. Today we’ll present a selection of wood ideas for your master bedroom wall that will make it look tight, modern, and sleek.

master bedroom
A gorgeous contemporary master bedroom where the irregular wooden pattern in the walls, reminding broken eggshells, elevates an otherwise simple bedroom to something memorable.

The panel design on this wall is simply stunning. Using reappropriated wood and complementing the raw fill with a touch of blue is pure genius.

A more classic approach to wood panels, where the walls are polished and clean, making the other elements in this master bedroom the star of the show.

This is geometric heaven! Gray and otherwise unremarkable sofa and bed expertly chosen not to divert the attention from these stupendous wood panels. Remarkable master bedroom design.

This one is a stunner. Everything works together in perfect harmony, and just look at that chair emulating the beautiful wood panel design! An exquisite master bedroom.

Sleek, modern, slightly oriental-inspired master bedroom design where the wood panels remind of used cardboard. Very creative touch with the lighting highlighting the upper angles.

An ultra-modern bedroom where smart lighting placement enhances the overall modern feel of the master bedroom. Spotless interior design.

When it comes to panel design, this is pure gorgeousness, and we continue with the use of lighting in combination with the wood walls to achieve design greatness.

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Nightstands GIF Boca do Lobo

Wow. What’s going on here? Many things happening and every single one of them makes me fall in love with this design. Is it a master bedroom or a garden? No idea! I don’t even care.  There’s the expert lighting use, the beautiful furry rug, and the leaves over the desk. Awesome.

Light, clean, tidy, beautiful. This is what simplicity is all about. Expertly decorated and unpretentious master bedroom design.

Nightstands GIF Boca do Lobo

A touch of color on this attic bedroom design where the wood panels point out the division between bedroom and leisure.

Let’s end with a beautiful wood panel wall to finish this article. This is a master artisan’s work, and there’s an oriental aura to this master bedroom design.

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